Have you missed me? I feel like I haven't blogged in forever, which is actually a true story, considering that the last time I took any time to express the happenings of my every day life was almost a year ago.  Most recently, Jonathan and I went to Cancun with 5 of our other couple friends and we had an absolutely amazing time! The beaches in Cancun are SO amazingly beautiful! Below is a picture of our group as well as a few pictures of the trip...

Enjoying the beautiful beach with my beautiful friends

Me and awesome JoJo!

Beach volleyball was always a great time!

Necesito Lasix para mi sausage toes? For real though, nearing the end of the trip, my feet, ankles and entire legs began to swell. No joke, the swelling got so bad that I eventually went to the pharmacia and asked for help...
Towards the end of the trip, we went deep sea fishing and despite the sea sickness and massive ocean swells, we managed to have a great time and catch a HUGE White Marlin!

Honestly though, my favorite part of the whole trip, was swimming in the ocean every night with Jonathan. There is something fun, yet at the same time, calming, about getting in the ocean at night. 

It was sad to leave, but at least I have St. Maarten to look forward too in a few months! Woot woot!