Scatter Brain Update

Do you have any silly regrets? My most recent frustrating, irking regret is over a piece of $5 furniture that Jonathan bought at garage sale in Vermont. For a quick background on the situation: Jonathan was in law school for a year before we got married and I moved to Vermont to be with him during his second year of law school. When I moved into his apartment, I immediately felt like I was living in a Bachelor pad. Not to mention that this $5 arm chair represented the ultimate man cave piece of furniture and I immediately thought it was hideous.
When we moved away from Vermont and back to Utah, for some reason we thought it would be important to bring our ginormous love sac with us and get rid of the rest of our furniture. Stupid.
So this is where I owe it to my dad to say, "you were right". He told us that it was a waste of time trying to get the love-sac back to Utah, but we insisted that we 'needed' it. We spent aimless hours taking the stuffing out of the love sac and putting this stuffing in garbage bags which we then stuffed in our small shipping pod. So you might ask, "so where is the love sac now?" Well despite my efforts to incorporate it somewhere, let alone anywhere in the house, we finally gave it away to a well deserving friend.
As I spend more time caring about the design style of our home, my thoughts have wandered back to that $5 chair that Jonathan bought at a garage sale in Vermont, but today was the first 'slap in my face'. To my dismay, similar arm chairs are selling for $5000 (see below)!!!! Grrr.... Considering that I am in the market for an arm chair in our living room, I am super annoyed with this discovery, hence why I decided to share my frustrations.
Now for a side note, Jonathan and I went to Dillon, Montana last weekend for Labor Day with some friends and we had an amazing time. I golfed for the first time in my life and naturally, because I never have 'beginners luck" - I sucked. I still had a ton of fun and I learned a lot.
I obviously need to work on my form a little bit :)
Labor Day in Dillon Montana is also known as the "Biggest Weekend in Montana", so naturally we had to attend the rodeo
The crew
We also went fly fishing and I after about 25 bites, I finally caught a fish!