Update: Demolision

I don't have internet at home so I apologize for the long delay in posting. This is our progress in the kitchen so far - Removal of the wall between the kitchen and the living room. I am so excited! More updates to come...


Canyoneering in Zion

Can I just start out by saying, this weekend in Zion was AMAZING! Even if we were only there for one day, it was worth every minute! So as the pictures will tell you, Jonathan and I went canyoneering with some friends through Birch Hollow, Orderville, and the Zion Narrows.
This was our longest rappel - it was a 100ft cliff and I honestly could not get anywhere near the edge because, believe it or not, I am terrified of heights. I don't think I even looked down until I was half way down the rappel.
And this is Jonathan coming down the long 100ft rappel.
Birch Hollow had about 7 rappels ranging from 50 - 100+ feet. I love the wedged boulder in this picture.
There was a creek that started half way through Orderville canyon and the further we went through the canyon, the faster, and the deeper the stream got. Eventually we had to put on wetsuits and swim through a few places.
Below is the last picture we took - Just as we reached the end of Orderville Canyon, and we entered into the Zion Narrows we heard a huge thunder boom. We all looked up at the sky and noticed it was filled with dark clouds. We still had 3 miles left in the Zion Narrows, so as you can probably imagine, I immediately had an anxiety attack imagining flash floods.
Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of the Zion Narrows because I was too concerned with getting my butt out of that canyon as soon as possible. I was bummed that we couldn't take more time to enjoy the beauty of the Zion Narrows because it probably was the most beautiful canyon we went through. However, when we finally reached the end of the canyon and it started pouring rain, I was so grateful to no longer be surrounded by 500ft cliffs on both sides of me.
Tomorrow we move into our new house and I am afraid I might cry in pure happiness to be finally out of Midway and into my very own HOME!