I love March

Today could not have been a more beautiful March 1st day. It was sunny without a cloud in sight, 50 degrees, and no wind. Yesterday was similar weather, finally motivating me to go for a run, which by the way, felt absolutely amazing! Today, I took Grizzly Bear for a walk and I couldn't help but feel enlivened to know that warmer sunnier days are ahead of us. March to me means:
  • Time to get out of that Winter 'funk' - swimsuit weather is around the corner!
  • One Word: Barbecues!
  • The beginning of spring!
  • March Madness - something I only find entertaining when I try to decide if there is going to be a fight between the two mascots, which one would win? Last year, this got me to the finals!
  • St. Patty's day and everything green
  • Day light savings (I can't wait to get an extra hour of sunlight at the end of the day) Mark your calendars for March 13th
  • Apparently March is also National Craft Month which already has my crafty brain waves starting back up - jewelry anyone? ;)
    Sundance jewelry
  • Lighter jackets
  • Not quite flip flop weather - but possibly a peep toe shoe? Speaking of which, I think I am in need of a pedicure
  • No more winter black/gray clothing and time to refresh my wardrobe with more COLORFUL clothing again!
  • Cheaper heat bills is always a plus too
Here is to a happier you in Spring!