I have been begging Jonathan to get a hair cut for weeks now. Today after work, he asked me to buzz his head because he thought it would help "lighten his load and help him think clearer". I laughed and figured - Why not? Hair grows, right?
And more inspiration into our soon to be kitchen remodel: A black island with Marble countertops (if we can afford it of course).


Frank the Tank

Tomorrow Jonathan and I are going to look for kitchen remodel stuff and I am SO EXCITED! I remember seeing the above scene from "Old School" and laughing because I thought "who honestly spends their Saturdays shopping at Home Depot?" Well, apparently I do!
On Thursday we had our house inspection and everything went really well. We were also able to talk to the current home owners and learn about their ideas and plans for the home. The homeowners have not only taken such great care of their home, but they are also super nice and really helpful, which makes us that more excited to move in on OCT 4th!
My current kitchen crush: Vintage Modern with Marble accents...
What I love most about this kitchen, other than the fact that it is white, and elegant, and modern and beautiful - I love the see-through cabinets with glass! I love white kitchens, but Jonathan really wants a wood colored kitchen. I grew up with wood kitchens, so naturally I am intrigued by the white. Whereas Jonathan grew up with white kitchens and wants something more 'rustic'. As sexist as this comment might sound - Isn't the kitchen the woman's domain? Oh the difficult decisions in life ;) Everyone who we talk to about remodeling our house, warns us that remodeling is one of the most difficult hardships on a relationship. This thought makes me a little nervous...