Sneak Peak

I debated on posting this first picture because I am not done painting this room. Additionally, I could not find the before picture, which was annoying but imagine nice green and orange pastel (not for me - ick) colors on the wall. I still need to finish painting the trim around the windows white and our nice new hardwood floors are piled in the center of the room. I am not sure when we are going to get around to actually installing them, so for the mean time they are serving as a handy junk table.
Basement Living Room BEFORE:
Basement Before had beautiful Ronald McDonald doors... Basement Living room AFTER: We ordered a new T.V. and a new couch which should be arriving this week. We also plan to get rid of the oversized love sac so if you or someone you know wants it, let me know :) So in other words, disregard all of the furniture :) Kelli's craft room BEFORE: Kelli's craft room AFTER: My mom was re-upholstering the furniture in the basement... I don't know how to sew quite yet. Kitchen BEFORE: Kitchen AFTER: Standing in the living room, looking in towards the kitchen BEFORE: Standing in the living room, looking into the kitchen AFTER: We removed the wall and this picture is looking into our beautiful kitchen ;) Needless to say, this is why I have been a horrible blogger lately. I am afraid this kitchen project is going to take FOREVER! Kitchen Hallway/Fridge Area BEFORE: And another BEFORE AFTER: Kitchen Hallway Gone, Space for the fridge added Basement Guest Bedroom Before: Basement Guest Bedroom AFTER:
These doors took a good 5 -6 coats of paint to get rid of the hideous circus colors.
And that is all I have for now. I still have a lot of work on the house so do not expect another update for at least another few weeks or so...